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Updated as of 10/14/2020

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Important updates related to School Readiness (SR) services

Effective May 13, 2020
Searching for a job can be used as a valid purpose for care to establish eligibility for the School Readiness program through August 15, 2020.
Searching for a job can be used as a valid purpose to establish eligibility for families applying to the waitlist through August 15, 2020.
Because of this temporary rule change, any applicant who would like to have their eligibility re-determined during this period, who has lost his/her job during this pandemic can use searching for a job as a valid purpose to have their eligibility for School Readiness subsidies approved. We encourage parents to consider this when deciding whether to redetermine their eligibility now, or to wait until their new redetermination deadline.
No one will lose their eligibility for services during this time.
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