VPK Flexible Innovative Option For Providers

2020-2021 VPK Flexible School Year Options Private and Public School Providers

Flexible, innovative instructional options for delivering the 2020-2021 School Year VPK Program are available as an added feature to in-person instruction, but not a replacement. This flexibility will ensure:
  • VPK programs are open to enable learning to continue and allow parents to rejoin the workforce.
  • VPK parents have similar options to those available for K-12 parents, based on the School District's FDOE-approved Plan for Reopening.
  • Structure safeguards are in place to encourage and shift families to in-person learning. 
Please keep in mind that in addition to flexible learning options, providers may also delay the start of their VPK programs to meet the needs of their families.
VPK Flexible Option Provider Eligibility
  • Provider must be open offering in-person VPK in order to leverage this innovative option for families who choose it (There is additional flexibility for providers in Phase I counties).
  • Provider must be in good standing with the Statewide VPK Provider Contract and have no Class 1 violations within the last two years.
  • Provider submits the required program assurances via the Provider Portal. School districts submit the program assurances for public school programs directly to the Office of Early Learning. 
  • All flexible, innovative options must meet the existing statutory and regulatory requirements. 
 VPK Flexible Option Private Provider Application Process
  1. Private providers with a certified VPK-20 contract for program year 2020 will see a prompt upon log on. A response of “yes” will open the application.
  2. The application will be available from August 26 – September 17.
  3. Coalitions will review and approve or disapprove applications within 10-15 business days. 
  4. Once approved, the VPK Flex classes must be identified via the Provider Portal and classes can begin.

VPK Flexible Innovation Option Webinar