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2020-2021 Provider Profiles and Contracts

2020/21 Provider Profiles are now available for completion on the Provider Portal. To ensure that the data from your current profile carries over, please be sure your 19/20 profile is in “Active” status before beginning your new Provider Profile.

If your 2019/20 profile is currently in any status other than “Active,” make any necessary changes to the 19/20 profile and submit it. Once it has been reviewed and activated, then you will be able to begin the 20/21 profile and the data will be prepopulated. The Provider Profile is the first step in the 20/21 contracting process. In order to allow ample time to complete your SR and VPK contracts, please submit your 20/21 provider profile no later than Friday, February 21, 2020. Due to the high volume of submissions, please allow your Provider Relations Specialist  up to two weeks to review your profile, and be sure to check back in case changes are requested of you.

A few important reminders:

  • Make sure the required documents are attached to your provider profile and are the most current. Please contact your liability insurance carrier and update the ELC’s address if you have not already done so.
  • Ensure that the information on the “Business” tab is correct and up-to-date, especially your EIN and contact information.
  • Check the e-mail addresses and phone numbers on the “Facility” tab and remove any you no longer wish to use.
  • Update the director’s information if you have changed directors recently.
  • On the staffing and capacity tab, ensure that the sum total of all group sizes is equal to the actual capacity number you entered. “Staff-to-child ratio” is the number of children that an individual teacher is responsible for. To reflect the actual ratio, the “teachers” column should always be 1. For example, if the age group has 2 teachers with one class of 20 children, put 1 “Teacher in Classroom” with 10 “Children in Classroom” and a “Group Size” of 20. Any age groups not served can be omitted.
  • Remember to update the closure calendar with accurate information for the upcoming program year. Some holidays  move from year to year, so be sure to verify the dates of national holidays. Please note: the closure calendar is meant to capture the days your program will not accept children at all; this is different from your VPK calendar as well as your School Readiness holidays. If the closure calendar does not accurately reflect the dates your program is closed, it may cause errors on your attendance in the future.

For School Readiness Providers

  • Be sure to indicate that you do have a Character Development program, as this is a requirement for SR providers (many curricula include a character development program).
  • When entering your private pay rates, please do not enter “monthly” rates. Doing so will affect the weekly and daily rates and may cause confusion on your SR contract.
  • Make sure the rates you entered match those on the private pay rate sheet you upload to the “Documents” tab and update the year on the rate sheet to reflect 2020-2021.
  • Please click the “SR daily rate helper” button to calculate your SR reimbursement rates.
  • If you serve preschoolers, enter a rate for a 5-year-old to ensure that you will continue to receive payment for any School Readiness child in your program upon their 5th birthday.
  • Enter part time rates if you intend to accept School Readiness children who may only be authorized for part time care.
  • Enter a Special Needs rate if you wish to receive the SN rate for an eligible child in your program who requires additional services. This is especially important if you are currently serving a child with a care level of COSPN. (please check your enrollment page on the portal or the children’s payment certificates to view their care level).


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