Developmental Screening Requirement Update: Ages and Stages Questionnaires

Beginning on March 31, 2021, families receiving School Readiness funding will be asked to complete, decline or defer a Developmental Screening for all children ages birth through kindergarten eligibility (66 months) during their enrollment process. 

How does this impact how Broward School Readiness Providers conduct developmental screenings and report the results?

Providers will not necessarily conduct developmental screenings for all SR children in their program going forward, as families may now opt to conduct the screening themselves.
Instead of utilizing the Blue Jean Portal (aka the Legacy Portal) to identify children who are due for developmental screening, this information will now be available on the Statewide Provider Portal.
Providers will need to check the Provider Portal daily to be sure they are aware of which children are due for screening.

Providers will no longer enter screening results in the Blue Jean Portal. Instead, providers will follow a link accessed in the Provider Portal to the ASQ Online Website. Screening results will be entered here.


We will be hosting a series of webinars to provide further guidance in the near future. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Provider Relations Specialist.
Below you'll find helpful videos:
Provider Portal-How to Search for Screening Records: 


Provider Portal-How to Complete and Submit Screenings:


Provider Portal-How to Add and View Screening Notes: