Important VPK Program Updates For Parents/Guardians

As we approach the summer months ahead, families have several options to continue their child’s learning, growth and development. Families can apply for the Summer VPK program or a VPK Reenrollment online through the Office of Early Learning’s Family Portal. Families may also contact the Early Learning Coalition of Broward for assistance with completing the application and for information on additional summer options. 

Reenrollment into Summer VPK

Children who complete less than 70% (378 hours) of the 2020--2021 school year VPK program, can reenroll into a 2020-2021 summer VPK program due to an extreme hardship.

Summer VPK

200-300 instructional hours (public schools and private providers)
School districts offer Summer VPK programs at approved schools. Private providers can choose to offer a Summer VPK program. Children who have not previously attended a VPK program OR who meet the reenrollment criteria listed under above may be eligible to participate.

VPK Specialized Instructional Support (SIS)

VPK SIS is an option for children with disabilities who have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) where certified or licensed professionals provide instruction or therapy in individual or small group settings outside of a traditional classroom setting. For more information, please visit

Reenrollment into the 2021-2022 School Year VPK Program

Children whose birthday falls between Feb. 2 and Sept. 1 of the program year and who complete less than 70% (378 hours) of the 2020-2021 school year VPK program, can reenroll into the next program year (2021-2022) due to extreme hardship and utilize their remaining instructional hours or funding that was unused from previous program year.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for VPK Reenrollment can be accessed here
  • Early learning resources to connect with families can be found on the OEL website under Family Resources.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to or call 954-377-2188.