Regional Virtual Summits Announced for 2021

Integrating Promising Practices to Support Early Literacy and Successful Transitions


The Florida Office of Early Learning (OEL) began the Transition to Kindergarten (T2K) initiative in 2017 by providing extensive planning and collaborative opportunities between coalitions and school districts staff. The goal and purpose of these collaborative efforts has been to support preschool and pubic school educators as they plan ways to support the transitional changes children and families face when moving from the preschool to kindergarten settings. Using a four-pillar approach of Ready Child, Ready Family, Ready School, Ready Community, early childhood educators are better able to support this transition and increase children’s early school success.

As a part of this continued mission, OEL, in partnership with the Head Start State Collaboration Office, Early Learning Coalitions (ELCs), Florida school districts, other community stakeholders and the Children’s Forum, will once again provide Transition to Kindergarten Regional Summits.

Save the Date!

  • April 20 and 21 (North Region: Northwest Region and the Northeast Region)
  • April 27 and 28 (Central Region: West Central Region and the Central Region))
  • May 4 and 5 (South Region: Southwest Region, the Southeast Region and the South Region)

More information about the summits will be coming soon.