Stay Up to Date on SRPA and CLASS Happenings…

Hello Child Care Provider!

During the 2018 legislative session, the Florida Legislature passed a bill (HB 1091) that increases quality and accountability in the School Readiness Program. The Office of Early Learning (OEL) and Early Learning Coalition of Broward County partnered in the implementation of HB 1091 which is now called School Readiness Program Assessment (SRPA).

What is SRPA?

SRPA stipulates that SR providers are required to have a program assessment using the identified tool, CLASS®, Classroom Assessment Scoring System. This assessment primarily measures the quality of the classroom interactions between the teachers and the children. Although CLASS Assessments are currently on hold due to COVID, you are still required to submit your Monthly Roster to the coalition on or before the third (3rd) business day of each month in the Quality Performance System (QPS),

Current requirements:

If you are a SR contracted provider who: 

  • Has more than 20% SR children 
  • Received a CLASS 1 violation
  • Opted – In for the Differential

For instructions on how to update your school’s information, please refer to our Quality Performance System Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Please remember to check out our training calendar to learn more about CLASS. 

For questions, please email