Emergency Personnel Child Care Scholarship

The Early Learning Coalition of Broward County is providing funding to child care providers who are open and serving children of first responders and healthcare workers. This program is made possible with funds allocated by the Florida Department of Education as part of the CARES Act to help support our first responders and healthcare personnel.
In addition to the regular School Readiness rate, participating child care providers will receive a $500 bonus per child with a maximum monthly bonus of $4,000 and a maximum $12,000 bonus for the 90-day duration of the program. 
Here is how eligibility for the program works:
  • No income requirement
  • Children must be under 13 years of age
  • Children are United States citizens or legal residents
  • At least one parent is a first responder or healthcare worker
  • A completed Child Care Application & Authorization (CCAA) form 
  • Florida resident

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