Board Member Vacancy

The Early Learning Coalition of Broward County (ELC) is currently accepting applications from local business professionals to fill a seat on its Board of Directors.  Created through State Statute, the ELC administers more than $90 million in local, state and federal funds for child care subsidies, child care teacher training, and other functions to improve access to and quality of early childhood education for Broward’s children and families.  The ELC is guided by its Board of Directors. The Board consists of a combination of governor appointed members, local government and administrative agency leaders, child care professionals, and other local leaders.  Because this board makes decisions concerning public dollars, it is governed by Sunshine Law and State of Florida conflict laws. 

The ELC welcomes all interested business leaders living in Broward County to join in its goal, to provide access to, and supports for the early learning of young children.  Interested individuals should download a copy of the Private Business Member Nominating form and the Policies Governing Board Membership by clicking the link on “How to Get Involved” section of our website. 

Completed Nominating forms should be emailed to Irene Ramos at iramos@elcbroward.org.

For questions about Board Membership please call  (954) 377-2183.


2017 Youth Literacy Fundraiser

Enroll In VPK Today! Registration Now Open


The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program – or VPK – is a free prekindergarten program for 4-year-olds who reside in Florida and were born on or before Sept. 1 each year.  

  • For the 2017-2018 program year, children living in Florida must have been born between September 2, 2012 and September 1, 2013.  

Kindergarten Transition



Reading books to children with characters and plots supporting kindergarten transition is a GREAT way to expose children to their upcoming transition. It also helps them to relate to characters going through some of their same fears and anxiety, especially when the characters in the story are able to overcome those fears in positive ways. If mice, raccoons, cats, and young children just like them have an awesome first day kindergarten experience, then they can too! There are many amazing books with kindergarten transition themes. See below for ideas.


Vending Machines Offers Free Books to Children

This summer, JetBlue is placing four vending machines that dispense 100,000 brand-new, free books for kids aged 0 – 14. Kids are allowed to take as many books as they are interested in – no strings attached -- in hopes that providing free access to books in a fun and convenient way will encourage reading.  Click here for locations!  

FREE Webinar Series on Early Brain Development

 Register today for a FREE Vroom webinar series! Vroom provides interactive tools and resources for parents that highlight the science behind early brain  development. Vroom tips are specifically designed to show parents how they can turn everyday moments like bath time and meal time into opportunities  that  build their children’s brains.



Visit www.joinvroom.org to learn more about this initiative and how you can incorporate Vroom brain-building activities into your daily activities with your child. We also encourage you to follow Vroom on Facebook and Twitter for more brain-building activities and tips.