About the ELC

The Early Learning Coalition of Broward County, Inc. (ELC) leads the way to brighter futures with nearly $90 million in annual funding, serving more than 26,000 children.  Funds are received from federal, state, county, local, and private sources.   ELC oversees two state-wide early education programs:  School Readiness and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK).  These programs prepare Broward County children for kindergarten and school, helping to ensure their academic success.  ELC and its partners provide access to financial assistance that helps pay for child care and links parents to family support services, including those for children with special needs. 

Kindergarten Transition



Reading books to children with characters and plots supporting kindergarten transition is a GREAT way to expose children to their upcoming transition. It also helps them to relate to characters going through some of their same fears and anxiety, especially when the characters in the story are able to overcome those fears in positive ways. If mice, raccoons, cats, and young children just like them have an awesome first day kindergarten experience, then they can too! There are many amazing books with kindergarten transition themes. See below for ideas.


Smart Technology Designed to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

There are several devices already on the market that are designed to prevent hot car deaths. "Good Morning America" tried out four different technologies: a car seat with built-in technology; an alert system already in some General Motors cars; a sensor system that can be put in a car seat; and a popular traffic app.  Click here to see video.