Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

What is the program?
The Voluntary Pre-kindergarten program is a free program designed to prepare Florida's children for kindergarten and develop the skills they need to become good readers and successful students. It includes standards for literacy skills, strict accountability, appropriate curricula, substantial instruction periods, manageable class sizes and qualified instructors. Parents have the option of enrolling children in a school-year program consisting of 540 instructional hours or a summer program consisting of 300 instructional hours. The Early Learning Coalition of Broward County, Inc. is administering the Voluntary Pre-kindergarten program at the local level which includes registering child care providers and providing information to parents.

What are steps to receive services?
Parents can apply by filling out the basic information in the application form here. The is the one stop shop through the State of Florida, which will determine if you qualify for assistance.
Who is eligible for services?

The child must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before September of the current year to be eligible for VPK.

Additionally, a child who resides in Florida and attains the age of 4 between February 2nd and September 1st may attend VPK either that program year or the subsequent program year.  A child is not eligible for VPK once he or she has been admitted to kindergarten.

A parent with a four-year-old child who meets the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program eligibility requirements and has a disability and a current individual educational plan (IEP) developed by the local school board may enroll the child in either a standard (school-year or summer) Voluntary Prekindergarten Education (VPK) Program or in a VPK specialized instructional services program type. Parents may enroll a child in only one program type.

Parents have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to both programming and educational setting.  Many private child care centers, public schools, and specialized instruction programs are providers of VPK