Developmental Screening

What is the Program?
The best way to help a child overcome developmental obstacles is to identify and treat them early.  The ELC does this through the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE screenings.  The purpose of the screening is to ensure a child's developmental progress will be tracked and when necessary proper follow-up will be offered. 
Who’s Eligible for Services?
All children whose families participate in School Readiness supported services.
What are the Steps for Service?
Parents of young children receiving financial assistance through School Readiness Funds are reminded of the advantages of early screening and detection of possible developmental concerns.  As part of the enrollment conversation, parents are informed of the initial developmental screening process as a benefit provided their children.   Parents who give consent, complete the initial screens and/or annual screens (Ages & Stages Questionnaire-3 [ASQ] and Ages & Stages Questionnaire Social-Emotional [ASQ-SE]) with their early education and care provider or can complete the screen themselves.  Should parents decline the service and/or identify that their child has been screened elsewhere, providers will receive a copy of the State OEL-SR24 form for the child's file. 
More Information
The ELC screening coordination team will provide support and guidance to ensure that providers implement screenings for all children at enrollment and annually as required by Rule 6M-4.720.  The ELC will  provide technical assistance and help providers as needed.  Please direct any questions to Linsey Brewster at (954) 449-4341 or Micah Mitchell at (954) 377-2200..