Inclusion Services

The best way to help a child achieve developmental milestones is to identify possibe challenges and strategize with the child's family and school early.  The ELC has an inclusion department that deploys Inclusion Specialist into the field to support Providers and families through screeening and identification.  Tools used to identify developmental challenges are the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE screenings.  The purpose of the screening is to ensure a child's developmental progress will be tracked and when necessary proper follow-up will be offered. 

The ELC's Inclusion Specialist will provide support and guidance to ensure that providers implement screenings for all children at enrollment and annually as required by Rule 6M-4.720.  The ELC will  provide technical assistance and help providers as needed.  For providers needing support please call the Warm Line at (954) 295-0672.
Non-School Readiness Referral Form
Non-School Readiness Referral Forms are now available online available at  Providers/Families must complete the referral form and press the SUBMIT button.