Voluntary Pre-kindergarten (VPK)

The VPK program offers free pre-kindergarten schooling for all children turning 4 year old on or before September 1 and residing in Florida, regardless of the income of the family. 

The program provides children with early learning education to succeed in kindergarten, academia, and throughout life. It helps build a solid foundation for school using educational resources that are geared specifically for the various stages of a child’s development. Children are taught literacy skills, such as letter and sound recognition, which are essential for academic success. Each child also has access to qualified instructors and age appropriate curricula.

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The VPK program is a free program for Florida's families. Participating in VPK gives parents an opportunity to help their children reach their full potential. High quality pre-k increases a child's chances of succeeding in school and earning more as adults. VPK is free for all children four years old on or before September 1 of the program year. There are no income requirements to be eligible for VPK.

During 2002, voters unanimously approved a ballot initiative for the state pay for a high quality voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) program for every 4-year-old in Florida. This program is offered by local private early childhood education providers, family child care homes and public schools.

The program allows for 540 hours of education for a traditional school year (averages to be three hours per day but schedules vary by program) or a summer program with 300 hours of education (averages to be six hours per day but schedules vary by program). Parents may choose which program is best suited for their child.


The child must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before September of the current year to be eligible for VPK.

Additionally, a child who resides in Florida and attains the age of 4 between February 2 and September 1 may attend VPK either that program year or the subsequent program year.  A child is not eligible for VPK once he or she has been admitted to kindergarten. 

A parent with a four-year-old child who meets the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program eligibility requirements and has a disability and a current individual educational plan (IEP) developed by the local school board may enroll the child in either a standard (school-year or summer) Voluntary Prekindergarten Education (VPK) Program or in a VPK specialized instructional services program type. Parents may enroll a child in only one program type. Eligibility for VPK Specialized Instructional Services (VPK SIS) in lieu of a traditional VPK education program.

Parents have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to both programming and educational setting.  Many private child care centers, public schools, and specialized instruction programs are providers of VPK.


Registering for VPK can be done online by clicking here.

Parents can register 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Note: For Apple device users, if you are having trouble completing the application process, use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.  For questions, contact the Office of Early Learning Service Desk at (850) 717-8600 or at Service.Desk@oel.myflorida.com

 Check out the VPK Parent Handbook