CARES Act Grants Phase IV

About the CARES Act Grant Phase IV Application Process

This program guidance addresses the methods for tracking costs associated with the COVID-19 crisis. It also provides coalitions and providers guidance about emergency funding assistance for early learning providers, their staff and families affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Grant Qualifications

This phase of funding is available to ALL currently open VPK providers and child care facilities, regardless of whether they are contracted with the ELC. If you were open for business, serving children October 15, chances are excellent you are eligible to receive a grant, whether or not you have received any prior CARES grants.

How To Apply

For CARES Act Grant Phase IV, the application process has changed.   ELC Broward has automated the process in order to ensure greater accuracy in grant submissions. In order to successfully submit a grant application, you must:

  1. Register your name and email address in our Client Management System. You will be asked to create a password.  Please remember to save this password, as you will need it to log back in to check the status of your application.  
  2. Once you have registered, the application form will automatically open.
  3. Please be sure to fill in each field.  Your budget MUST match the dollar amount of the grant.  We do NOT want/need the overall budget for your business, your monthly expenses, etc.  All we need is to know how you plan to spend the amount you are receiving from this grant.  

Please review the Grant Funding Levels for providers meeting the eligibility criteria.

Ready to Get Started?

To begin the CARES Act Grants Phase IV application process, click here.

Applications will be due back to ELC Broward by close of business on Monday, December 14.

Technical Assistance Webinar

If you need assistance with the application process, review the Technical Assistance Webinar.

If you encounter any difficulty logging in or navigating the application, please contact our ELC Broward Help Desk at