ELC of Broward Board Orientation

Inteligencia emocional en la eficacia del liderazgo (Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Effectiveness)

Linking Math to Daily Planning in VPK

Encouraging Big Ideas: STEM Play in Pre-K

Ready, Set Go: Transitions for Infants and Toddlers

Let’s Get CLASSy: Learn About Positive Interactions

Classroom Support (Part 2 - Afternoon Session)

Classroom Support (Part 1 - Evening Session)

Classroom Support (Part 2 - Evening Session)

Understanding Behavior (Part 1 - Afternoon Session)

Understanding Behavior (Part 2 - Afternoon Session)

Understanding Behavior (Part 1 - Evening Session)

Understanding Behavior (Part 2 - Evening Session)

Documenting Behavior (Part 1 - Afternoon Session)

Documenting Behavior (Part 2 - Afternoon Session)

Behavior Support Systems (Part 1 - Afternoon Session)

Behavior Support Systems (Part 2 - Afternoon Session)

Teaching Replacement Behaviors (Part 1 - Evening Session)

Teaching Replacement Behaviors (Part 2 - Evening Session)

The Growing Brain 4-A: Supporting the Process of Cognitive Development in Young Children

The Growing Brain 4-B: Supporting Executive Functions and Understanding the Cognitive Processes

The Growing Brain 5-A: The Brain’s Role in Social Emotional Development in the First Five Years of Life

The Growing Brain 5-B: Supporting Relationships and Attachment During the Early Childhood Years

Sound Beginnings – Early Language Development: Best Practices for Early Learning Providers

PLAN Meeting

Full Board Meeting