Virtual Child Care Town Hall: Share your views on the state and challenges of early learning with local legislators and the ELC

About the Event

As our local state legislators enter into the 2021 Florida Legislative season, it is critical they hear from child care small businesses to better understand the full scope of challenges and issues including the impact COVID-19 faced by essential child care programs. Early learning providers will have the opportunity to have their voices heard by local state legislators so they are prepared to advocate in Tallahassee on behalf of the Broward early learning/provider community.
Who should attend? Early learning/child care small business owner, directors, educators who want to share their thoughts, concerns, suggestions related to early learning and/or the impact of COVID-19 on their program, staff/educators, and families. This is also an opportunity to ask local legislators about their priorities etc.
Who will be listening? The Early Learning Coalition has invited all local legislators (Representatives and Senators) to attend this event. We have received several commitments from legislators to attend. The ELC understands how unpredictable Legislator schedules can be during this time of year and will have (ELC) staff in attendance to record and pass along comments to legislators not in attendance.  
How to Participate: 
Step 1 - Register by clicking the button below. 
Step 2 – If you would like to voice a concern, provide your concern/challenge, suggestion, question for legislators, in the box labeled “What would you like to ask our Broward Legislators?” 
Step 3 – click on the Register button. You will receive a ZOOM meeting registration confirmation and meeting link. ELC staff will confirm receipt of any comment submitted. During the event, ELC staff will call on you/unmute you so you have the opportunity to read your comment. Please note: If there is additional time, we will take same day comments. 

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