Beyond Curiosity: How Infants and Toddlers Learn

How do infants and toddlers learn? How do they go about dealing with the different environments, interactions, and discoveries they encounter daily? In this training, the essential components necessary in learning for infants and toddlers will be discussed. Participants will learn how to support infants and toddlers' ability to build knowledge and develop skills, how to promote eagerness and curiosity in learning, and how to reflect on teaching…

Get “CLASSy” with Toddlers

The training will focus on the impact of positive teacher-child interactions on toddlers' learning. Participants will learn what effective interactions are and how to recognize them, and gain an understanding of how to strengthen teaching practices by integrating more intentional teacher-child interactions.   

The Growing Brain 6-B: Understanding Key Factors and Root Causes of Challenging Behaviors

There are several key variables that influence children’s behavior. In the second part of unit 6 of the Growing Brain series of trainings, participants will review approaches for identifying the root cause of children’s behaviors as well as effective strategies to help us address them.  

Let's Talk Data in VPK: AP2 is Done - Now What Do We Do?

It’s January, that means it is Assessment Period 2 (AP2) time in most VPK classrooms around the state of Florida. The items that will be reviewed in the webinar are: what is AP2, Navigating Bright Beginnings – reports and resources, review AP2 reports, the implications of Print Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Math, and Vocabulary and Oral Language on ongoing lesson planning. You are encouraged to have your own classroom(s) AP2 reports, if…

Don't FLIP OUT, FLIP IT! Introduction to Transforming Challenging Behavior (5 Part Series)

We’re back! Now YOU have the opportunity to join the first part of this transformational 5-part weekly series to learn how using FLIP IT can reduce and/or prevent challenging behavior in young children.  FLIP IT is an easy-to-remember pneumonic device which stands for Feelings, Limits, Inquiries and Prompts. Become part of the FLIP IT family by committing to 5 weeks of learning…for great results. Space is limited to the first 40 passionate…