The Growing Brain 4-B: Supporting Executive Functions and Understanding the Cognitive Processes

The Prefrontal Cortex plays a major role in decision making and planning, as well as the use of Executive Functions in young children. During the second part of unit 4 of the Growing Brain series of trainings, participants will review the timeline in which the development of Executive Functions takes place, and how adults can support this process.

Get CLASSy in Pre-K: CLASS Overview

In early childhood settings, each moment that teachers and children interact with one another is an opportunity to develop positive relationships that build on learning. In this training, participants will learn what effective interactions are and how to recognize them, and gain an understanding of how to strengthen teaching practices by integrating more intentional teacher-child interactions with Pre-K students.      

Herramientas necesarias para prevenir la expulsión y suspensión en preescolares (Teacher Toolkit to Prevent Expulsion and Suspension)

¡De vuelta debido a la demanda popular! Todos queremos lo mejor para nuestros niños, ¡así que venga a aprender estrategias para reducir la expulsión en nuestro entorno preescolar! Esta capacitación explorará cómo fomentar relaciones positivas para crear entornos de apoyo y disminuir el comportamiento desafiante. ¡No te lo pierdas! Back due to popular demand!  We all want the best for our kiddos, so come learn strategies to reduce expulsion in…

The Growing Brain 5-A: The Brain’s Role in Social Emotional Development in the First Five Years of Life

Social Emotional Development is greatly affected by how adults support young children’s social interactions and emotional reactions. In the first part of unit 5 of the Growing Brain series of trainings, participants will understand how social emotional development unfolds in children from 0 – 5 years old.  

Let’s Learn All About Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG)

Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG) is an observation tool used to document and assess children’s progress. This webinar will introduce participants to the following: taking documentation; setting preliminary levels; quarterly checkpoints; using the TSG App, obtaining Inter-Rater Reliability Certification, and exploring Online Professional Development Courses that can be taken to extend learning.

The Growing Brain 5-B: Supporting Relationships and Attachment During the Early Childhood Years

Positive relationships play a big role in supporting young children’s attachment in Social Emotional Development. In the second part of unit 5 of the Growing Brain series of trainings, participants will understand the effects of stress and the development of empathy in young children.

Developing Partnerships – Family Engagement in VPK

For families, knowing their child’s teacher and having a relationship with them fosters a sense of security and partnership. For months, many schools across the state and country closed and added additional precautions to create a safe and clean environment for students. At times, these new guidelines meant less physical interactions and communication between educators and the families of children they serve. This webinar will provide ways to…

Ambientes Favorables de Alta Calidad Entrenamiento (High Quality Preschool Environments)

Un entorno favorable y de alta calidad promueve resultados positivos para todos los niños y maestros. En esta capacitación, los maestros aprenderán sobre los entornos físico y emocional y cómo afectan el comportamiento y el aprendizaje de los niños. A favorable, high-quality environment promotes positive outcomes for all children. In this training teachers will learn about the Emotional and Physical Environments and how they impact children’s…