Setting Preschoolers Up for Success: Classroom Management

Why is Classroom Management so important in the preschool classroom? During this webinar, we will be addressing and discussing this question. This training will provide both a classroom management framework and suggestions of what to do when specific situations arise. In addition, we will discuss various classroom management techniques and strategies that can be implemented throughout the day for the children of this age group. By the end of…

Building A Trauma Sensitive School

In a trauma-sensitive school, all staff share a common understanding of trauma and its impact on young children, families, and staff and a joint mission to create learning environments that acknowledge and address trauma’s impact on the school success. This training will discuss the importance of creating a trauma sensitive school and provides guidance into strategic steps that are needed to ensure that all aspect of the school environment has…

The Impact of Trauma on Attachment

Children’s brains develop in the context of their earliest experiences as young children are also learning how to self-regulate by anticipating their parents’ and teachers’ responses to them when they express various emotions. Children who have secure attachments learn to trust their emotions and their understanding of the world around them Furthermore, children’s early experiences of feeling listened to and understood help instill confidence in…

The Impact of Trauma on Parenting

This training will focus on understanding parental stressors and barriers that parents face that impact the parent-child relationship. Key stressors will be discussed as well as strategies to foster engagement. Presenter: Harleen Hutchinson, PsyD IMH-E  

ACES, Trauma & Toxic Stress in Young Children

This training will provide an understanding of the impact of toxic stress on young children in early childhood and their level of functioning within their caregiving environment. Participants will learn how in the absence of a protective relationship, the impact that toxic stress can have on young children. Presenter: Harleen Hutchinson, PsyD IMH-E