Head Start

Head Start Early Intervention

Under the guidance of Broward County Public Schools, Head Start (HS) is a federally-funded program that provides free educational and support services to children from 3- to 5-years old from low income families, including homeless, foster care, and students with disabilities.  The Head Start program provides free, comprehensive services to low-income families and their children. The Head Start program targets the entire family and the services include high-quality classroom instruction, health and developmental screenings, family engagement and goal setting.

Benefits of Head Start/Early Intervention Services:

  • Increase school readiness
  • Provide high-quality education to Birth-5 students
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of Pre-K teachers, administrators, and support staff through strategic support
  • Support families in the early care and education of their child
  • Provide comprehensive services to children and their families
  • Expand the number of high-quality Pre-K programs/opportunities throughout the district

Head Start (HS)/Integrated

Provides a full school-day of instruction in a classroom with typically developing students and students with disabilities. Head Start 3- and 4-year old integrated programs are available at selected schools.

2021-2022 Head Start Application Information

Haitian Creole

To learn more about Head Start eligibility and enrollment, please visit the Broward County Public School’s Head Start/Early Intervention website, or call at 754-321-1961.