Inclusion Services

Inclusion Support and Services for Providers

Developmental Screening

The best way to help children reach developmental milestones is to identify possible challenges they may experience. The purpose of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ3) is to ensure each child’s development is on track and necessary support is provided in areas needing improvement.

Which children and programs are eligible for screening services?

All children enrolled in child care in Broward County are eligible to participate in this developmental screening. As part of the enrollment conversation for School Readiness funding, families are informed of the initial screening process as a benefit provided to their children. Families and providers complete the initial and annual screenings.

ELC Broward strongly encourages parents to participate in the screening process for early detection and intervention support. Should a parent decline the service and/or identify that their child has been screened elsewhere, providers will receive a copy of the State OEL-SR24 form for the child's file. 

Children not receiving School Readiness funding can participate in the screening by contacting the Warm Line at: 954-295-0672.

What Assistance Do Providers Receive?

ELC Broward’s Inclusion Specialists offer guidance to providers which includes:

  • Collaborating with teachers and families on appropriate strategies to improve each child’s skills
  • Supporting providers and families if a referral for further evaluation is needed.  FDLRS/Child Find Referral Form - School Readiness Children
  • Facilitating trainings to early childhood educators on the administration of the ASQ3 and other related topics of interest. 

If you are interested in participating in an ASQ3 training, please contact Debbie Kay,
Inclusion Manager at

Warm Line:

  • For providers needing support with challenging behavior, skill development or referral for evaluation for any child, please call the Warm Line at 954-295-0672.
  • For providers initiating referrals for children who do not receive School Readiness funding visit

Accommodations for Children with Identified Special Needs

Inclusion Specialists are available to provide accommodations for children based on individual needs.
For information regarding Inclusion Services, contact Debbie Kay, Inclusion Manager, at