Job Title
Teacher Assistant
Name of Center
Nob Hill Academy
3477 N Hiatus Rd
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Job Description
Assist with lesson planning; Assist with classroom schedule and room arrangement; Identify barriers to learning and report to Teacher; Assist with family style food service; Maintain positive relationships with families, allowing Teacher to address concerns to parents; Promote feelings of trust and security in the program; Keep classroom and hallway bulletin boards looking fresh and inviting; Simple daily housecleaning duties in each classroom; Greet participants and guests warmly and enthusiastically each day; Maintain safe, clean environment, teaching and modeling good hygiene skills; Attend all staff meetings and trainings scheduled; Maintain confidentiality regarding all personal information regarding children, families and staff; Perform other duties as assigned. Skills: Strong interpersonal skills including ability to work and communicate effectively and collaboratively with a diverse population; Ability to work cooperatively with other staff members, to accept supervision and to help promote a positive environment; Excellent verbal communication skills, including clear speech enunciation, and accurate spoken English grammar that can serve as a good model for children who are developing their language skills; Strong oral and written communication skills, including ability to present to groups and individuals about the organization’s mission; Warm nurturing attitude; Friendly, inviting, self-motivated, even-tempered and adaptable.