BLI Synthesizing Winning Performance (SWP) - V’Locity Master Class program 2021 - 2022

The Business and Leadership Institute for Early Learning (BLI) in partnership with ELC Broward offers Synthesizing Winning Performance (SWP). This eight (8) session series of Master Classes will empower you as a business professional and entrepreneur in the industry of childcare. The course is designed specifically for early learning center or home based owners, operators or educators whose programs contract with ELC Broward County. The curriculum focuses on creative business strategies with an emphasis on quality care and education.

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Here's a sneak peek at the first classes


September 11: How Successful People Think: A Growth Mindset

Right now, you are at a challenging time. How well will you navigate uncertainty? Your SWP Master Class Series course work will help you make the best decisions you can in the “game of incomplete information”. What will the government do? What will parents do? What will staff do? What will COVID do? What are the possibilities? We know that 1.5 Billion dollars of Federal Funds will be allocated to childcare in the State of Florida. Are you prepared to capture your share of these funds, invest them in your future, imagine the possibilities and design new strategies for success?

October 2: Creating a Sound Business Model – Mapping the Future

Kaleidoscope, “What you see when you look through the eyehole will never be exactly the same twice. . . Because the objects in the Kaleidoscope move . . . they never are arranged exactly the same way a second time, and no two designs will ever be perfectly identical.” Melanie F.F. Gibbs, How Kaleidoscopes Work. Consider COVID as a Kaleidoscope that has rearranged the objects of your business. Your families, your employees, yourself and the systems you work in. We now navigate with a new understanding of how abruptly everything can shift. Your first time – pre COVID – is over - forever. Your second time – is now – the present. How will you design your way forward and forecast the future? What will be driving your revenue and what are the associated costs? Who are your key partners? What talent and resources are required to shape new outcomes and fulfill your “new” value proposition as promised?

November 6: Contracts, Insurance and The Childcare Food Program

Take a deep dive into School Readiness contracts, reimbursements, reconciliations, insurance risk management and the childcare food program. As essential components of operating your business this is your opportunity to understand the processing and accounting of SR and VPK reimbursements, any new revised rules and the most current funding opportunities. Consider the Childcare Food Program. Does it make financial sense? Learn the eligibility requirements, administrative options, operational requirements, and necessary record keeping? Finally, what are the protection opportunities through insurance? What coverage is required and what is optional and how do we determine the amount of coverage we need? How do we reduce the risk?

December 4: The Power of A Question - Increasing Enrollment Through Successful Sales Conversion Rates and The Cost of Compliance

Successful sales are intentional by design. There is a sequence in a sales cycle based on the questions you ask. Consider first what does the customer value? These values can be great motivators and fundamental to the customer’s decision making. Developing an inquiry process from this platform allows you to create a sales strategy before you begin your “sales pitch” and tour.