How to Indicate Emergency Closures on your SR and/or VPK Attendance

The Office of Early Learning has now given providers the ability to report emergency closures in the Provider Portal so that these closures will be reflected on the SR and VPK attendance. Below you will find detailed instructions on reporting closures for the entire site, as well as closures of selected classrooms. Effective immediately, please report closures due to COVID exposure or a weather emergency using the Provider Portal as instructed on the EFS Modernization Process for Temporary Closures Guide.

Please note that there are different rules for reimbursement for emergency closures for SR and VPK. You are eligible to be reimbursed for SR children during an emergency closure due to a declared state of emergency caused by a severe weather event such as a tropical storm or hurricane. For VPK, you may be reimbursed for a combined total of five (5) instructional days for each VPK class that must be closed due to a temporary emergency. For any emergency closures beyond the 5 days, you will be required to revise your VPK calendar to make up for days missed.

Once you have submitted your emergency closure in the Provider Portal, it must be reviewed by ELC staff. Please enter any emergency closures as early in the month as possible to allow time for ELC staff to review. Please reach out to your Provider Relations or Provider Reimbursement Specialist if you have any questions about this process.