Introducing the 3Ts: A fun new way to learn!

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We hope you and your family are doing well during these difficult times.

We know the past several months have not been easy. While your child's learning has been a priority, figuring out ways to keep them engaged can be challenging. That's why we’re so excited to share a new resource that may be useful as you look for ways to support your child’s early learning at home: the 3Ts Digital Tool, available on any phone or computer at

What's even better about the 3Ts tool kit? It's free! This complimentary online program develops skills you can use to build your child’s brain as you go about your new and old daily routines.

What are the 3Ts?

Tune In - Be in the moment with your child.
Talk More - Use a wide variety of words.
Take Turns - Engage your child in conversation.

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. You don’t need worksheets, flashcards, or special training. You lay the foundation for your child’s academic success just by talking and interacting with them. Playtime, mealtime, bath time, any time you use the 3Ts, every word you say builds your child’s brain and shapes their future.

Ready to enhance your child's learning? We invite you to meet our ELC Broward 3Ts ambassadors and learn how you can build your child's brain any time using the 3Ts!
Check out our events calendar for upcoming 3Ts event.

Now more than ever, your talk and interaction are key to supporting your child’s healthy development. We encourage you to sign up for the 3Ts Digital Tool at, and we’d love to hear about how you’re using the 3Ts with your children!