Important Information Regarding the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County School Readiness Provider Rate Increase

Great news! We're excited to announce a new rate increase for School Readiness providers! Recently, ELC Broward requested an additional rate increase for Broward's School Readiness small businesses. We just received notice that Florida's Division of Early Learning (DEL), formerly the Office of Early Learning (OEL), has approved our rate increase effective July, 1 2021.

Top 10 Tips for Hurricane Preparedness for Child Care Providers

Hurricane season is upon us.  Learn ways that child care providers can be equipped in the event of a hurricane.  

Sun-Sentinel Op-Ed: Early childhood education was among pandemic’s victims

Through the first few years of a child’s life, we watch them grow exponentially. From coos to sentences and crawls to runs, parents watch in amazement at how quickly their child learns new things and moves from one stage of development to the next. During a “normal” year, thousands of local children under the age of 6 are enrolled in a child care or prekindergarten program in which their development is enhanced by daily learning opportunities and activities.

May 2021 Provider Newsletter

School Readiness Program Update:  Copayments Waived for May and June

We have some great news to share! The Office of Early Learning has waived parent copayments for the months of May and June.

VPK Program Updates for Child Care Providers

VPK Provider: The Office of Early Learning has recently released new updates regarding the the VPK Program. Here is some important information we want to ensure you are aware of:  

Tips for Reconciling EFS MOD Provider Overpayments

Here some information on how to Verify Your EFS MOD Overpayment Balance

School Readiness Rate Increase

Florida’s Office of Early Learning recently announced that School Readiness reimbursement rates were increased as of January 1, 2021. Attached you will find the updated maximum reimbursement rates for School Readiness children. When determining your program’s individual reimbursement rate, your private pay rates are compared to the maximum reimbursement rates, and your reimbursement rate will be the lesser of the two. The increase in the maximum reimbursement rates requires an amendment to your current School Readiness contract (form OEL-SR 20). ELC staff are currently in the process of initiating these amendments on the…

Doing Business with ELC Broward - March Trainings Are Now Open

Want to know... How to better understand your School Readiness and VPK contracts? How to properly enter children's attendance in EFS? How long the children in your program are eligible for subsidy? More about CLASS observations and how they affect your reimbursement? If you have ever wondered about how you can more easily conduct business with ELC Broward... The "A" Team is here to train you!

Redeterminations in EFS Modernization

FOR CHILD CARE PROVIDERS: The EFS Modernization portal will be offline Thursday, February 25, 2021 from approximately 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST. OEL will be deploying the upcoming/past due redetermination lists that were mentioned at the last PLAN meeting.

Broward County School Readiness Provider Rate Increase

School Readiness Partners!  We are pleased to announce that the Florida Legislature and Governor DeSantis approved an additional $50 million to be spent to reduce the differences in School Readiness (SR) reimbursement rates across the state.

Upcoming Attendance Changes: Signing of Payment Certificate

School Readiness Provider: We want to make you are aware of some upcoming changes you will notice pertaining to the Provider Portal. OEL will begin enforcing the signing of  the payment certificate for School Readiness families on the Family Portal to complete their enrollment or redetermination process.

Quick Tips for Provider Reimbursement Reports

Please see these helpful hints for accessing OEL Reimbursement Report in your provider portal. You can now download your reports by service period or payment period. Contact your reimbursement specialist if you have any questions.

Important Information about December Providers Reimbursement

Some of you may have noticed that there are “adjustment transactions” in your December SR and local reimbursement reports. These adjustments have the code “PPA” and they DO NOT affect the amount of your January reimbursement for the December 2020 service period.