Phase V - CRRSA Provider Grant

The ELC is pleased to announce the release of the Phase V (5) Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Support Grants. The grants provide additional funding to Coalitions to support private early learning/child care providers and contracted school district providers that were classified as operational/open on April 1, 2021 and are providing on-site early learning/child care services on the date of application, to assist them in remaining open during the COVID-19 crisis.


Phase V CRRSA Grant Application is No Longer Available


Grant Eligibility & Fund Usage

  • Provider must have remained open and operational, with the exception of temporary closures due CRRSA Funding Chart to  COVID-19 or other temporary emergencies. Operational is defined as the provider status listed on the DCF  database.
  • Some portion of the funds must be used for staff salaries/benefits and must be reflected on the submitted application’s budget.
  • Private early learning/child care providers will receive additional funding based on their DCF capacity, when available, or EFS Mod Provider Profile capacity data if DCF capacity is not available, with a minimum amount based upon capacity.
  • School district providers, whether public or charter, must have an active SR or VPK contract on the date of application in order to qualify and funds are based on the total distinct number of SR and/or VPK children served in FY 2019-20 as opposed to DCF capacity.
  • Contracted school district providers operating the VPK Flex option are also considered eligible.
  • Providers may qualify for Phase V grants, in addition to any grant awarded in Phases I – IV.
  • Duplicate grants will not be offered. Grant funding levels for providers meeting the eligibility criteria as indicated in Table 4.
  • Click here to view the video for further assistance CARES Grant Phase 5 Technical Assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The applications deadline has been extended to close of business June 28, 2021.

Yes, as long as you meet other criteria listed on the grant for non-contracted child care facilities.  

No.  You must be currently providing child care/early care services to be eligible.

Yes!  Depending on licensed capacity, you can receive up to $19,500.

We will try our hardest to pay in batches every two weeks.  So, for those who submit their applications immediately, please wait three weeks before expecting payment.  We will try and pay earlier, but we cannot promise it, given the volume of grant applications we will be processing.  You can actually check on where your application is in the system through the database you are using to submit the application.

Yes.  We need a separate application for each of your schools.  At the top left of the application form, you can select “New Record” after finishing the application for your first school.  By clicking “New Record”, your name will be pre-populated, and you will scroll through to choose you other school(s), and complete the form again.  Continue doing this for however many school you have. 

If you applied for CARES grant phase 4, you already have a login.  Hit “sign in,” and sign in.  If you do not remember your password, just click “forgot your password” and you will be prompted to reset your password.