Stipends & Broward Bonuses Initiative

Stipends/Bonuses are brought to you by ARPA – American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
The ELC of Broward is investing in Broward's Early Childhood Educators & Directors through training bonuses. 

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First Aid and CPR trainings are not eligible for a bonus/stipend.

Current Available Bonuses:

CLASS Through The Administrator Lens

    • Current Directors and Owners that did NOT attend Upskill Observer Training during World CLASS Workforce
    • Registration by Invite Only
    • Do Not Sign Up unless you have received an email from the ELC of Broward
    • Stipend Amount - $1500

Infant Toddler CLASS Bonus

    • Previous World CLASS Workforce participants only
    • Coursework is a combination of previous training and new training.
    • Registration by Invite Only
    • Do Not Sign Up unless you have received an email from the ELC of Broward
    • Stipend Amount - $600

Introductory 45 Hour Childcare Training                                                                                                

  • Completion of the DCF - 45 Hour Introductory Training in FULL
  • Completion date after July 1, 2023 - include Competency Exams
  • Must submit DCF Transcript with payment documents.
  • Stipend  Amount - $500

Health & Safety courses

  •  Required for School Readiness programs by June 30, 2024 
  • Complete by May 1, 2024 to receive a stipend in Broward County
  • Stipend Amount - $250
  • Course is free/No Charge
  • Self-Paced/Fully Online
  • Non SR staff can participate for the stipend

Health and Nutrition in the School Readiness Program (HNSR)

Safety Practices in the School Readiness Program (SAFESR)


Broward Bonuses Initiative Training Catalog 

The Broward Bonuses Initiative provides stipends/bonuses to educators/directors.

Participants can receive a bonus based on the number of training hours attended.  

The Whole Child Series - (6 hours of in-service) - $300

Choose any combo of the below trainings: 

· Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child (2 hours)

· Supporting Language Learners in Your Classroom (offered in English and Spanish) (2 hours)

· Implementing Positive Guidance and Responding to Challenging Behaviors in an Infants, Toddlers & Twos (offered in English and Spanish) (1 hour)

· Displaying and Caring for Children's Work (1 hour)

· Supporting Children's Play (1 hour)  

· Leveraging a Planned - Language Approach to Support Multilingual Preschool Children (1 hour)

· Responding to Challenging Behaviors Using a Relationship Centered Response (1 hour)

· Strategies for Engaging in Self – Care (1 hour)

· Sound Beginnings (4 hours)  


 CLASSy Learner Series (6 hours of in-service) $300

English and Spanish Class  


Classroom Management Series (6 hours of in-service) $300

Attend Child Management 1, 2 & 3 (6 hours of in-service)


Best Practices Series (12 hours of in-service) $600

Choose any 4 trainings 

· ACEs, Trauma, and Toxic Stress: The impact of Toxic Stress on Young Children’s Development (3 hours)

· Attachment Trauma, and Brain Development in the Early Years (3 hours)

· Young Children Exposed to Trauma: Teaching Classroom Strategies to Support and Heal (3 hours)

· Helping Parents Understand their Children’s Diagnosis (3 hours)

· High Quality Out of School Time (3 hours)

· Self-Care from A-Z (3 hours)    

·The Why Behind Behaviors and Strategies that Make the Difference


Behavior Bootcamp Series (12 hours of in-service) $600

Attend all 4 sessions on zoom (more sessions coming soon)


How To...

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