VPK Videos

VPK Improvement Plan Development Informational Session

VPK Improvement Plans: Exploring the Target Areas

VPK CoP Informational Session 

Building Community in the VPK Classroom

Math All Around Us in VPK

Let's Talk About Literacy: Emergent Reading and Writing in VPK 

Exploring Feelings: Social Emotional Development in VPK 

Spaces and Places: Learn About Social Studies in VPK 

Using Our Imaginations: Creative Expression in VPK 

Learning, Singing, and Moving: Circle Time in VPK 

Active Movement and Learning in the VPK Classroom 

Virtual VPK: Tips and Tricks 

VPK Einsteins: Learn About Scientific Inquiry

Developing Partnerships – Family Engagement in VPK

Let's Talk Data in VPK: AP2 is Done - Now What Do We Do?

Linking Emergent Literacy to Daily Planning in VPK

Tips and Tricks - Preparing for the Transition to Kindergarten