VPK Videos

VPK Improvement Plan Development Informational Session

VPK Improvement Plans: Exploring the Target Areas

VPK CoP Informational Session 

Building Community in the VPK Classroom

Math All Around Us in VPK

Let's Talk About Literacy: Emergent Reading and Writing in VPK 

Exploring Feelings: Social Emotional Development in VPK 

Spaces and Places: Learn About Social Studies in VPK 

Using Our Imaginations: Creative Expression in VPK 

Learning, Singing, and Moving: Circle Time in VPK 

Active Movement and Learning in the VPK Classroom 

Virtual VPK: Tips and Tricks 

VPK Einsteins: Learn About Scientific Inquiry

Developing Partnerships – Family Engagement in VPK

Let's Talk Data in VPK: AP2 is Done - Now What Do We Do?

Linking Emergent Literacy to Daily Planning in VPK

Tips and Tricks - Preparing for the Transition to Kindergarten

Linking Scientific Inquiry to Daily Planning in VPK

Linking Math to Daily Planning in VPK

Linking Social Emotional Development to Daily Planning in VPK

Exploring Assessment Period 1 in VPK