CLASS with Infants: How to Facilitate Exploration

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Since infants learn when adults are physically and verbally involved in their experiences, it is important for teachers to actively guide infants’ explorations. During this training, we will discuss how to provide intentional support to facilitate infants’ engagement and development. We will also discuss how educators can facilitate experiences for infants through active involvement and interactions during play and routine care.

By the end of this training, participants will:
1. Recognize the importance of Facilitating Children’s Exploration in the infant classroom
2. Describe how to facilitate exploration by Being Actively Involved with infants and taking part in their play and routines
3. Describe how to facilitate exploration by following Infant-Focused behavior in the classroom
4. Recall Strategies for Facilitated Exploration in the Infant Classroom

Presenters: Agnieszka Boddie and Aida Brar, Quality and Education Coaching Specialists, Early Learning Coalition of Broward County 

Technology Requirements
•  Computer, tablet, or smartphone
•  Internet Access 
•  For all smartphones, the GoToWebinar App must be downloaded

Attendance Policy: Participants missing more than 15 minutes of total training time will NOT receive a certificate of participation. Please be prepared to arrive on time and stay until the end of the training. Participants who leave the training early will not receive credit for the training. 

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required. Participants who arrive 15 minutes late to this training will not be admitted. Participants MUST complete both the post test and training evaluation to receive a certificate of participation. 

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Virtual Session, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
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