The Impact of Trauma on Attachment

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Children’s brains develop in the context of their earliest experiences as young children are also learning how to self-regulate by anticipating their parents’ and teachers’ responses to them when they express various emotions. Children who have secure attachments learn to trust their emotions and their understanding of the world around them Furthermore, children’s early experiences of feeling listened to and understood help instill confidence in their ability to make good things happen and to seek out individuals who can support them in finding a solution when they do not know how to handle a difficult situation. When children experience distress or feel threatened, parents or other caregivers support them in reestablishing a sense of safety and control. In contrast, children who experience early trauma at the hands of such trusted adults may not have the experiences that lead to healthy attachments, such as adult guidance to help them regulate their emotions and physical reactions to stressful events. This training will increase educators awareness into the connection between brain development and its impact on trauma and attachment relationships.

Presenter: Harleen Hutchinson, PsyD IMH-E

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