Important Information about December Providers Reimbursement

Some of you may have noticed that there are “adjustment transactions” in your December SR and local reimbursement reports. These adjustments have the code “PPA” and they DO NOT affect the amount of your January reimbursement for the December 2020 service period. 

These adjustments relate to FY19-20 attendance and they ONLY affect the technical coding ELC uses behind the scenes, they DO NOT affect the amount of your payment. Unfortunately, OEL designed the provider reimbursement reports to display all prior period adjustment entries together with current month payments, so you may find it confusing. 

This issue only affects some providers and the correction is not related to reimbursement for services.  If your school has these adjustments, you will see the following on your reports: 

  • Adjustment months are between Jul-19 to Jun-20 
  • Adjustments are labeled “PPA” 
  • The net effect for SR and Local adjustments should be zero 
  • Your payment amounts for SR and Local should only be for FY20-21 (Jul-20 to Dec-20) 

If you need further assistance in reading your report, please call your payment specialist. Thank you.