Upcoming Attendance Changes: Signing of Payment Certificate

School Readiness Provider: We want to make you are aware of some upcoming changes you will notice pertaining to the Provider Portal. 

OEL will begin enforcing the signing of  the payment certificate for School Readiness families on the Family Portal to complete their enrollment or redetermination process. When this step is not completed, their enrollment status in the system remains “Pending Family Acceptance.” This prevents you from accessing the payment certificate for the child/ren, which is necessary for you to view the authorization period, eligibility assignment dates, and parent’s co-payment. In order to ensure families complete this important step, Florida’s Office of Early Learning will prevent children in “Pending Family Acceptance” status from appearing on your attendance roster which means that you will be paid for the enrollments but only after the family has accepted/signed the payment certificate. Please note: this change has not been implemented yet and is scheduled for release in March.


  • BG1 and BG3R enrollments will show on your attendance regardless of Pending Family Acceptance
  • If the enrollment is not new the children will continue to show on the provider attendance (they will be “grandfathered” in) and providers will be paid for those children as normal. NEW is defined as the child has not shown on the provider’s attendance before.

In preparation for this upcoming change, e-mail notifications will be sent to families every five days until the payment certificate is signed while their child’s enrollment status is “Pending Family Acceptance.” This is meant to inform and encourage families to complete the final step in the enrollment process. In order to prevent future delays to your reimbursement, please make sure your families are aware of their responsibility.

Thank you and be well.